Zonetta gen leaders meeting

We were overjoyed to reconnect virtually on April 3rd after a long period of not meeting as local leaders of the Gen. The gathering brought together local leaders from Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda, Angola, and Uganda. The meeting started with a warm welcome and an explanation of the meeting’s purpose which was to update and remind each other of the upcoming Gen congress.

We felt that it was essential to implement effective fund-raising so that those who would otherwise be unable to participate due to financial constraints could and to ensure that no one who wishes to attend the Congress for spiritual growth is prevented from doing so.

Some of us had already started putting money aside for the Congress, and other Gen who are working, are actively participating in the communion of goods to help others. We informed everyone about the donation letter drafted for those who need to request financial support from various businesses and individuals. Also, our website has all the information often required by different sponsors.

Each country provided an update on their Congress preparations and various fundraising ideas. Burundi announced that preparations were started at the end of 2021 by having a party to celebrate with the locals, which contributed to their fundraising efforts. In order to raise funds, they also plan to hold various markets where Gen will cook and sell. Kenya then provided an update, stating that Gen have begun putting money aside for the Congress. They also expect help from a variety of people. They plan to get together at the end of the month to discuss the latest developments. For fundraising, a concert and a couple’s night are being planned in Tanzania and Uganda. They also have a donation box, where Gen are invited to save weekly, and they are soliciting help from a variety of sources. They haven’t started actively fundraising in South Africa yet, but several ideas have come up and they have sent a donation letter to businesses. In Angola, Gen have plans that are yet to be implemented, and they hope to send donation letters.

This is the first activity we’ll be hosting since Eastern and Southern Africa and Madagascar were merged into one Zone. For the first time since Covid 19, we, the Gen from various countries, will meet physically, and the representatives of the Gen center, as well as Réja and Raphaël, will be present at the Congress. We are all looking forward to seeing each other in Tanzania in large numbers. One of us shared: “We had a productive meeting, and I am certain that we will have a successful Gen congress. I am looking forward to meeting everyone”.

Above all, let us remember to use the prayer provided on the website to pray for a successful congress as a unified front as Gen. Let us keep the faith and a positive attitude before, during, and after the meeting.

(By Claire Ahabwe, Uganda)