United World Week Johannesburg

As we were preparing for the United World Week 2021, we the youth of Johannesburg, South Africa, came to realise that one of the areas where Covid 19 had hit the country the most was the loss of jobs and increase of poverty. Helping homeless and needy people with food was the most effective way to care for our community.  Some of us were in touch with a group of ladies who run a soup kitchen in Johannesburg CBD but because of Covid, they were struggling to run it the way they used before, because of both lack of funds and manpower. We discussed the idea with the adults and the gen 3 of the Focolare community and we realised that we could easily help them and start a regular cooperation.  We raised the money, went to buy the food, ready to go on a Friday morning. It rained throughout Thursday night and even the very same morning it was still pouring with rain. At some point we felt a bit discouraged but eventually we decided to go ahead and do our best for the initiative to start off despite all obstacles. 

The experience of working together youth and teenagers to help our community was amazing and very enriching. We managed to feed about 100 people (many didn’t come because of the weather) and we hope to repeat the experience monthly, so that it can become our concrete commitment to #DareToCare


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