SA Fundraising

In our country, South Africa, one of the fundraising ideas we had was to ask people to donate items that we could resell to raise funds, like clothes, blankets, or anything else that could be sold.

So, on 23rd April, two of us went to Johannesburg to make our sale. It was a beautiful day and the weather was great. We were not sure if we would raise our target as it was just a week before the end of the month which meant people were not spending as much.

To our surprise, shortly after arriving there, even the neighboring shop owners around came to buy our items as our prices were reasonable. Our target of the day was R1000, but we were so happy that we managed to reach our goal and we raised R1300.

This was our first day and we intend to continue doing various forms of fundraising to enable a number of us to reach the Gen Congress.