The School for Gen Whites and Assistants took place from the 20th to the 22nd of December at the Spiritual Centre of Mbagala, Dar Es Salaam – Tanzania. 44 participants were present, including Gen white and Gen Assistants from the entire Eastern and Southern Africa Zone, which includes Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola and South Africa.

The School was animated by the Delegates of the Gen Centre, Paola, Gerome, the world gen managers and Yolanda, the manager for Africa. During the School, various topics were discussed and presented, such as leadership, tools for gen training, communication, Gen Life in the zonettas and its challenges, as well as communication and ways to improve it at the zonetta and zonal level.

The Gen Centre Delegates brought with them much wisdom and led us to reflect on aspects of our spirituality creatively and dynamically, enlightening us and showing us new perspectives and ways to carry forward the ideal.

In an invitation to live the present moment well, they said:

“Gen Life is a gift, and there are riches in how we live together: spending time, doing activities together, dialoguing, going for walks and much more”.

Our Zone Assistants, Beatrice and Stephane, highlighted asking participants to make the most of the opportunity to be together to rebuild and strengthen relationships, as people will not remember the encounter but the Way of relating”.

At the beginning of the School, participants were challenged to write their expectations for the School on a post-it note and keep it with them. Today, at the end of the School, what was everyone’s surprise when reading what they had written, they realized that all the expectations of Learning more, Loving more, starting over, building unity, building deep relationships, Loving everyone all have been fulfilled.

The School was indeed a time when everyone experienced paradise and left refuelled for both missions.