In order to strengthen the life of colors as well as the relationship with the adults of the Focolare Movement, the Gen2 boys organized a day dedicated to the green on November 21, 2020. This “green day” saw the participation of Gen 2 boys and male volunteers from the City of Bujumbura in Burundi.

The two groups faced off in two duels, in football and basketball. Both matches took place in an atmosphere of joy and relaxation. Age differences weren’t a big matter at this special moment of unity thanks to the games. Both games ended in favor of Gen with a large victory in football (5-0) but the fighting spirit of the volunteers in basketball almost gave them the victory, but the Gen finally won 28-24.

After the sport, a moment of refreshment and celebration followed as well as sharing moment especially about the stages made to make possible the event and realize this beautiful day. At the end, many people expressed the desire to perpetuate these games and extend the day of green even on the female side. It was also a moment to thank the main protagonists of the organization but also to share some news for example two deaths in the families of the Gen including the recent death of the little sister of the Gen mainly committed into the organization of the day.

This extraordinary day was also supported by the presence of some Gen girls who came to watch the match, as well as focolarinos and focolarines.