Sitraka from Madagascar

My name is Sitraka, a Gen 2 from Madagascar living in Ambatondrazaka. I knew the Focolare movement in 2017 and became a Gen.

To be able to tell you how being a gen changed my life, I will summarize my life before becoming a gen.

In 2012, I lost my father in a fatal accident, he was 38 years old and I was only 9years old. Since that accident, my father’s family stopped loving us. They said we had become a burden to them. We have lived in hatred even with those around us; our neighbors, at school, they destroyed all that we had managed to build.

In 2014, my mom decided to move out since she couldn’t bear seeing us suffer from the hurtful words of the others. I also started hating and though everyone around me was an enemy. I didn’t know how to love.

I would like to thank this person who took us as his children and introduced us to the movement despite not having any connection with us. This is where I started to change. The readings of the word of life and experiences taught me to love little by little. I learned to forgive and not to fight at school anymore. Using the little dice of love was of great help to me as well.

And as of now, I am very happy and thank God for letting me know about the movement. He gave me a new family and I try every day to live the ideal that Chiara left us and which has helped me especially to love. ‘May all be one’ these words were of great help as I still want to reconnect with my family.

Thank you.