The Preschool of the Mariapolis Piero, Kenyata Road, Juja; Kenya welcomes young people who have already made a journey of discernment of the their vocation with the Focolare close to their regions; The participants have the possibility of making a strong experience of community life centred on the presence of Jesus in the midst and of discernment regarding their vocation.

During the time at the Preschool the participants leave families, friends, their countries and professions. The period at the Preschool includes a work experience which is often manual. There is lessons that help in the journey of discernment and in learning more about the spirituality of unity. The preschool experience lasts 11 months from 10 January to 10 December.

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Mariapoli Piero , Kenyata Road , Juja
Po box 597 01001 Kalimoni Kenya

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Tel: +254799178752


Pre-school was very important in my discernment to be a focolarina. I felt the atmosphere of love and when I failed to love, I always had the chance to start again. The atmosphere of togetherness and family gave me this opportunity to love concretely and keep Jesus in the midst between us.

Nyamwiza ImmaculateUganda

The experience of pre-school helped us to open up to others, to know ourselves in depth, also allows us to increase our faith. Ultimately, it is an experience of full joy.

Jordi LuboyaDRC

The pre-scoula for me was an opportunity to make a cut from what my life used to be and begin to learn from scratch. Like a new born, who learning to crawl, sit and follow up the process of growth. In this sphere of growth and development where love and care was in abundance, discernment was easy.

Chidi AndrewNigeria

For me Pre-School was a time of listening to the voice among many other voices in me, so that I could move forward with God. In one Word; “discernment”.

Lionel BazirutwaboBurundi

For me the Pre-school is: Building a united world, we need to change our ideas, accept that we are different from each other, and dialogue by putting Jesus in the midst with joy and creativity to give the world our light.

Frederic NdayizigaBurundi

Hello everyone, for me the experience of the Pre-school is a school of love and unity, a school of vocational discernment and of living together. The Pre-School experience was for me; a very strong experience of cultural diversity, language, and different ways of doing things, but an experience full of love and unity, with many challenges and always starting over when things don’t go well.

Manematchi Didi ClovisRCA

For me the Pre-School is a place of discernment and practice in the way we want to choose! A place of response to the call that I felt! I take away from this experience that the positive don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everything was very beautiful or very easy! I would even say that I experienced enormous difficulties! But Jesus within me and Jesus at best helped me overcome and go beyond what I imagined!
Today I am in Loppiano continuing to respond to this call!
My advice for this life for the little that I have already lived, will be: be courageous, be true, be patient and merciful with yourself above all and with others and let Him (Jesus) guide you and whatever the end you will never be on it!

ChristelleIvory Coast

The pre-school experience was very good. It was a privileged moment of blessing, discernment and clarification of my vocation. It is also there that I felt the love of God and of the brothers and sisters.

Chanceline OleleDRC

Hi, I’m Valentina, Italian, I spent 11 months at the Mariapolis Piero Pre-School it was a short time but it was enough to create real authentic relationships. I left behind a family that I feel I belong to and that I miss. My experience was very deep, it allowed me to know myself and helped me to discern and understand what was the will of God for me. The difficulties there have been but nothing insurmountable, if one is willing to start over and always get back in Love. I was able to experience living with cultures different from mine and that only enriched me and gave me a more open view of the world. If I look at these days, I can only be grateful to God and to everyone who helped make it so special.


For me, Pre-School is the update of the announcement of the vocation to the Focolare with the possibility of seeing, hear and play the solemnity of community life.

Castro Adolorosi Angola

For me Pre-school was a journey of discernment, and of deepening of the vocation, thank you.