Norbert Komba from Iringa


My name is Norbert Komba from Iringa, Tanzania. I knew the Focolare as a Gen 3 through the altar boys but I became very interested after attending a formation meeting.
As a Gen 3, I learned many things about the art of loving and going against the current. These aspects really impressed me and changed my lifestyle even though it wasn’t easy.
I continued with my Pre gen formation for two years and became a Gen. I have gotten various formations in my country as well as from Mariapoli Piero in Kenya. I was able to completely change my life, way of speaking and living with my peers because I chose God to be my life.
After many experiences, I realized that love conquers all and small acts of love can change many lives. I was later entrusted to be a Gen white of a unit and later became the white of my zonetta. All these has changed the way I live and act because I have come to realize that God is love and that He loves us to the fullest.
I now know how to recognize hardships and suffering as Jesus. So we should recognize Him by giving Him a name and hugging Him although it might not be easy. Focolare’s life has helped me to make myself one with my peers except in sin, to know what it is God’s will to live in the present moment and small acts of love to change the World.

Thank you.