Muhanguzi Brian’s experience on the school of the gen whites and gen assistants

Greetings to all,

From the 14th-21st August, there was an online school for the Gen whites and Gen assistants and I had the great pleasure to represent the boys from our zone. Thus, I’d love to share with you what it was for me.

Our school began on the 14th of August and its theme was “On earth as it is in heaven” in line with the Green colour. We had participants from various countries in each continent apart from Antarctica hahah.And there were six languages being spoken. It was hosted by a wonderful team at the Gen2 world center.

During the school, we were able to be enlightened on several subjects from Paradise 49 to Psychology. We also had a beautiful moment where we interacted with Margaret and Jesus. For me,it was a first such experience to enjoy the ideal with people from all over the world at the same moment. Through this,I was able to understand that there are more similarities than differences between us and thus a bigger hope for a united world. I really liked the way our facilitators tried to use a language that we could approach easily and pick something from. And also,the initiative to create breakout rooms,I have to applaud it because like this,we were able to share our thoughts among each other and the fact that sharing aids understanding has never been truer.

The topic that really got to me was the one about vocations which was approached for the effect of awakening questions in our minds. We learnt that vocation is being more assertive in your beliefs and that there are as many vocations as there are people and that we should put love at the centre because it generates. Also,in the school,we learnt that God is present all through nature, everything is love and thus is to be treated with love. I hope to put this into practice in my interactions with the environment most especially with waste disposal.

I hope to share what I learned with the Gen and we were told all the resources will be put on the Generate app,so I hope when it is available,we can share. For me,this was a good taste for me,it has whetted my appetite and I hope yours too. It has set a spark in me that I would like to kindle into a fire.

Thank you very much