My message is an interpretation of Chiara Lubich’s response to the Gen on death.
We live in times of great instincts, and also of great fear. The news speaks of new cases, number of deaths, and number of recovered from COVID 19. All of us are in danger of contagion. That is why authorities around the world have imposed containment measures to prevent the rapid spread of the virus, which as we know is very dangerous. In these circumstances,
each can ask the following question:
If God called me
to meet you today, would i be ready?
According to Chiara Lubich, “death is certainly the most serious thing in life, because death is part of life. No one can escape it”. So death instills fear in any of us.
On holy Fridays like
today, we live intensely one of the points of our spirituality: Jesus Forsaken who cries “my God my God why have
you forsaken me?”, But then says that “into your hands I commit my spirit”.
In my view, this “in your hands I commit my spirit”, coincides with seeing God. I would even say that the meaning of death that Jesus gives is death as the encounter with God. We will see him as He is. Also according to Chiara Lubich, “seeing God is beautiful for those who
loved him, but it is terrible for those who did not love him”.
We gen, we are
privileged, because we have made God, the ideal of our life. Our hope as a gen is that we will be
among those who will have the great joy of seeing Jesus and hearing him say, “Well, you were a gen, you can enter eternal paradise”.
The second aspect I would like to talk about is for those who accompany the death of a loved one.
We can learn from Mary some aspects of our life. When people close to us die, we often ask ourselves about our trust, our love, our hope. Chiara Lubich in relation to Maria desolada says:
So tell me: such a woman, so extraordinary, carrying God dead, and
still believing, and still loving, and still hoping: isn’t she exceptional, isn’t she an exciting person, who can let all souls ecstatics?
I’ll offer these days for you all too, knowing that, in mutual love, we’ll be
able to help each other in recognizing the Risen One into each Jesus Forsaken we live.