Hi guys:).

The inspirational message for today😅. Its an excerpt I like from the Pope’s speech for the world youth day 2020. ‘Arise’ is also an invitation to ‘dream’ , to ‘take a risk’, to be ‘committed to changing the world’  to rekindle your hopes and aspirations , and to contemplate the world around you. ‘ Arise and become what you are’. If this is our message, many young people will stop looking bored and weary, and let their faces come alive and be more beautiful than any virtual reality. If you give life, someone will be there to receive it. As a young woman once said, ‘Get off your couch when you see something beautiful, and try and do something similar ‘. Beauty awakes passion. And if a young person is passionate about something, or even better someone, about someone, he or she will arise and start to do great things. Young people will rise from the dead, become witnesses to Jesus and devote their lives to Him.  Blissful Easter and sanitize, social distance and help where you can:)