“When someone weeps, we must weep with them. If they laugh, we must rejoice too. Thus the cross is divided and borne by many shoulders, and joy is multiplied and shared by many hearts. To make ourselves one with our neighbour is the way, the main way, of making ourselves one with God.”
Chiara wrote this in her book titled Beyond Time. Her message highlights Jesus’ dying wish for us all to be one.
It is especially in these trying times when we are far from each other, that we need to reach out and touch people. We are called to rise above our own needs and meet people beyond this new border – lockdown!
Under the new restrictions, I easily get frustrated by being stuck at home or having to do menial chores. I forget my many privileges including having a roof over my head. More easily do I forget that my sacrifices are a tiny contribution to a larger battle; one where unity is crucial.
The song in the video speaks on this very theme. It speaks on injustice; societal pressure; our trials and our triumphs. It is a beautiful reminder that God is with us through it all.
I am not alone and you are not either. We are all united in Him.

KimSouth Africa