Ciao à tutti!
My message to you is the reflection of today’s Password. “IN DIFFICULTY CONTINUE TO HOPE”,Sometimes we may slow down and feel discouraged or be tempted to stop.Chiara continues; But No!*. take courage!

What counts when we have failed is to start again! We have to stand up again and be ready to win!
It’s true that we are passing through this pain where most of us loose hope but remember that there is always joy behind the sadness!
This difficult moment is reminding us how we are one universal Family; no matter where we come from,our religion,our culture,our colour, rich or poor, we are equal because this disease treat us all Equally.

There is HOPE!
Few days ago,I was a little bit sick,I went to buy the medication while I was on my way going to the pharmacy,I enjoyed the beautiful oxygen because there was few people on the road,I felt joy in my heart that you can’t measure,I was like someone who has said bye to the jail…😂 ,I discovered how silence is also beautiful because there was no different noise of cars or people, then I said in my heart that there is always life behind the death of this lockdown.
So,this is the good moment of having a kind of retreat in our hearts and be ready to go out together well built physically and spiritually.
Remember, it is difficulties that bring our true colour, our identity as Gen!
Let’s this lockdown be the source of love,hope and keep protecting our fraternity with mask of strong Unity more than before!

#BeSafe #HOPE!