Gen from the Southern African Zonetta

As Gen from the Southern African Zonetta we held an on-line meeting on 13th March and present were Gen from Zambia, Malawi, SA and Zimbabwe.

The meeting was aimed at “knowing each other” so that as a zonetta, we would get to know each other better as to prepare ourselves for the congress. The atmosphere was very good, everyone was happy to participate and freely sharing their mind.

It started with a few updates; Malawian Gen shared that they had slowed down with meetings due to COVID while the Zambian Gen had tried to meet virtually and now post Covid they are meeting more often. The Gen of SA shared about their meeting the Apostolic Nuncio and helping out in soup kitchens.

We in fact feel compelled to keep having these meetings at least every two months and strongly believe that with these occasions we can come to the congress as one and not as Gen from different countries.

For many of us, the congress is new so it was agreed that from now onwards we are going to start some fundraising activities and the fruits of these will be shared in the next meetings. One of us shared: “I’m excited to go. It has been a while since we last had a congress. This will revive us. I expect a lot of sharing of experiences, a lot of bonding, a lot of unity and love, a lot of knowledge sharing.”

The excitement about the congress could not be contained! We even felt that the Gen congress duration could be extended by at least two more days. These would help us create more time to be together with all the other Gen and build stronger relationships amongst all as one great zone.

For now, the preparation for the congress is on and each one of us will do his or her best to contribute and enjoy this journey that will take us to the congress! Here we come Tanzania!

Joanna Singini and Dimpo Sethiba