The whistle has been blown. All over the world, the United World Week has been launched. DareToCare, slogan and theme of this year’s United World Week encourages initiatives to promote “active citizenship” through care, listening, dialogue, communication, participation in the common good, for our cities and our planet:  a world that knows how to take care will surely be a more united!

The call to build bridges of unity and fraternity has been heard. In Burundi, at the opening of the UWW, young people took the initiative to take a tour of Lake Tanganyika. “We were a group of young people accompanied by adults. We walked to one of the beaches that were ravaged by the rising waters. It’s sad to see how polluted the lake is, ” said one of the young people. But why the lake? It has been a while since the waters of Lake Tanganyika have risen. The lake is taking revenge, someone said at the beach. The lake is increasingly threatened and the consequences are dire. Neighborhoods near the lake are devastated by the waters of the lake, people are forced to move. The ecosystem is threatened by the waste of all kinds dumped into the lake. “In this situation, we thought that taking care could start by going around the lake, listening, going to see and react,” said Déo, who had accompanied the young people.

To take care is to have this sensitivity to react to the consequences caused by human action, and to provoke gestures aimed at the management of the common good. Nadège was happy to have participated. She shares her joy with us “At the end, I was tired but at the same time happy. We collected sand that we put in bags to form barriers that could reduce the rising water on the beach in addition to cleaning up the rubbish on the shores. I was happy to have contributed to this gesture “. The gesture of love made at the beach was significant for the young people but also for the others present. The person in charge of the beach was touched by the gesture, he was marked by the spirit of love that characterized the young people.

Listening to the cry Lake Tanganyika was one of the initiatives to participate in the management of the common good, even more in the construction of a more united world. Thus was thrown the ball of the UWW in Burundi, a ball thrown at all forces and people of goodwill, knowing that the gesture is only a grain of sand in the face of the immensity of the task. And other initiatives will follow. Wasn’t it Mother Theresa of Calcutta who said, “We are not asking you to save the whole world, but just to love and save the person who is by your side.”