Lin from Burundi

My name is Niyindavyi Lin and I learned about the movement when I was in first year of high school. In that period, the older students were passing us through initiation rituals where we were mistreated because we were juniors. That is when a boy I didn’t know found me crying and he talked to me and took me on a walk. He asked me which Club I wanted to join. Because of the love I saw in him, I told him I will go where he goes. I found out that he was part of the Focolare and that’s how I discovered the movement. Slowly I learned more about it and I fell in love with it, hence, now I’m a Gen.

Being a Gen helped me a lot. Before being a Gen, I didn’t have joy or love in my life. But now I feel like anyone I meet is my friend and when I meet challenges I stay joyful. I used to easily get angry but now even if someone upsets me, I remember to see Jesus in him. I remembered that he was also hurt when he died for us but he forgave those who crucified him. Now, I feel I must do my part to join others in building a new world and changing where we are.