This year the Kenyan Gen had two short schools at Mariapolis Piero Juja. These schools were a graceful moment for the new Seminarians. They had joined the movement and had never stepped in Mariapolis Piero. They made a unique experience that left a mark in their hearts.

Seminarians accompanied by Ernest

 The first school took place from 19 to 24 November 2021. This school was attended by four Seminarians all from St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Seminary. It was a fascinating experience. The short school started with sharing of experiences after a long break due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Each day was opened with a Eucharistic celebration and Liturgy of Hours. Then meditations and sharing of experiences from the previous day. The Seminarians also participated in the Zone updating zoom meeting led by Raphael and Reja, the Zone Responsible. They realized how the Charism of Unity aided the church’s way of synod for synodality. They also had an interactive moment with the Old men and women who witnessed the movement’s entry into Africa. They were encouraged by the treasures that were at their disposal. It was a great moment of deepening the spirituality of Unity.  The different experiences in the school moved many to keep Jesus in the midst and embrace Jesus Forsaken in their day in day out activities now as Gens and later as priests.

Seminarians from Kenya

The second school was attended from 29th-2nd December 2021. Nineteen Seminarians attended from three seminaries; St Thomas Aquinas Regional Seminary, St Augustine senior seminary and Christ the King major seminary. These Seminarians were accompanied by Ernest, who is Responsible for Gens in Mariapolis Piero and  Fr. Herman. They were also assisted by those living in Maria polis Piero, especially in giving talks and meditations. They were happy to share together their experiences, cooking and doing activities together, and their participation in the liturgy was quite recommendable. They realized who they were and what God was calling them to do, that is, to be other Marys in the world. New Generations. More importantly, they noticed that their studies were meaningless if they were not ready to live them out of love. Meditations and participation in Workshops encouraged many to live fully for Jesus. Many wished the days were many for the experiences were good and helpful.

Before concluding this second school, the Rainbow and the whole Gen body in Kenya agreed that they will have a long school during the May holiday. This Was proposed to be on 7th- 19th May 2022.

The experiences brought all Gens toward Unity and nurtured love within.