Did you know that…

…Every dayat 12 noon in each time zone there is the Time Out, a moment of silence or prayer for peace. This idea originated from the desire of Focolare teens and children for world peace and has been taken up by the whole Movement.

…The Word of Life, a monthly leaflet with a spiritual commentary on a passage from the Bible to be applied to everyday life, is translated in 90 languages and dialects. It reaches millions of people through the media.

 Silvia was the name given to Chiara Lubich at her baptism. When she became a member of the Third Order of St. Francis, she was fascinated by St. Clare’s choice of God and decided to take her name, which in Italian is “Chiara”.

… Chiara Lubich was the first Catholic white woman to speak at Malcolm Shabazz Mosque in Harlem, New York. It was on May18, 1997, with an audience of more than three thousand people.

… Focolare centers can be found throughout the world. The furthest north is the one in Stockholm, Sweden, while the furthest south is in Trelew, Argentina.

… The Movement’s logo recalls “Mary, Mother of all people”, who gathers all vocations under her mantle. The blue symbolizes Mary, while the orange represents the members who follow Mary as the model for their life.