Theme: Walking toward holiness.

Our indigo day was carried out as part of strengthening our training on the occasion of the feast of All Saints, and in memory of Chiara Luce Badano, the blessed who continues to be an example for the Gen on this path. of holiness.

We were almost 80 Gen and Youth For a United World (Y4UW) who participated in the day with a thirst to understand how to live their holiness daily. We were accompanied by our assistants Gen and some Focolarinos present for the day.

It was wonderful to meet gen and Y4UW boys and girls together, an opportunity to get to know each other better through the introductory games, songs, dances we had after mass.

It was a journey through the themes developed by the speakers of the day. From holiness according to Pope Francis and the churches developed by Stephane, assistant Gen 2, to the challenges of young Burundians facing holiness developed by Professor Nicodème Bugwabari, through the presentation by Maria Goretti, CapoFoco on holiness according to Chiara Lubich.

It was rich in exchange. We expressed ourselves. In this thirst for the sanctification of our daily life, faced with the challenges of the search for social, economic and emotional stability, we had a secret, that of taking holiness as a holy journey that deserves to be lived daily. To live holiness as an ideal, the most beautiful and noble in the light of the Divine.

We understood with Chiara’s thought that as Gen and Y4UW we are also called to live collective holiness. By living our radicalism every day and in the present moment, together with our neighbor, we would be on a highway to holiness.

With Pope Francis, we had the light of understanding that each one, on his own journey, is called to holiness, in this constancy to move forward without being discouraged by living with love daily.

We returned home filled with joy, courage and strength to move forward on this journey to holiness.