“On Sunday 12th February 2023, we were celebrating the 60th Anniversary since the arrival of the Focolare Movement in Africa on 12th February 1963! Dr Lucio, Dr Nicasio and Dr Danilo were the courageous young Focolarini sent to Africa, in a city in Cameroon called Fontem, by Chiara Lubich to spread the ideal of the movement. Amongst others who accompanied them, were Anne from Germany and Josephina from Italy, who now reside in Mariapolis Piero, Kenya. Other members who were the first to spread the ideal of the movement to different parts of Africa eg Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda were also present for this ceremony. It was a very beautiful and special moment for us as the Gen because we know that we are fruits of this divine adventure, and it is now our responsibility to take up the mantra and keep the movement alive! We hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will keep guiding us so that we can keep this legacy!” Nikita Wangui, Gen White from Kenya