In Burundi, there are eight dioceses divided into two ecclesiastical provinces. The Major Seminaries are four in number: two philosophers (that of BUJUMBURA and that of BURASIRA) and two theologates (that of KIRYAMA and that of GITEGA). During this academic year (2021-2022), there are 48 Gen’s (44 in these 4 Major Seminaries and 4 who are on an annual internship in the parishes).

Gen of the Major Seminary of Bujumbura

They try to live out the ideal of oneness daily. Every day, they roll the dice of love. They meet at least twice a month to share the Word of Life and experiences.
They also do the apostolate and extra, that is to say outside the Seminaries (in secondary schools for the supervision of young people and in the surrounding parishes). It is an opportunity for them to germinate this seed (ideal of unity) that God communicated to them through Chiara. They organize themselves with their own means to come to the aid of those in need (the ABANDONED JESUS).

Gen of the Major Seminary of Kiryama

Once a year, during Easter week, the Gen of Burundi meet for 4 days in the Gen School at the Male Focolare. They begin to prepare themselves for it in advance spiritually and materially (while relying surely on Divine Providence) because it is a special occasion for them to live the ideal, a moment to experience Jesus in their midst. During this school, the Gen’s have the opportunity to meet their older brother priests who share with them how they live the ideal of unity in the parishes where they are. The Focolarini and Focolarines also give them in-depth instructions on the meaning and nature of the ideal of the Movement in general and of the Genes in particular.
In short, the Focolare Movement is of great wealth for the Gen’s who are preparing to be disciples of Christ. He helps them to be witnesses of unity where there is division, because without unity there is no love and without love there is no effectiveness in the apostolate.

Gen of the Major Seminary of Gitega