‘Every baptized person is a witness of Jesus Christ in Burundi and throughout the world’

“On Sunday, February 05, 2023, the Christ the King parish of Cibitoke organized a missionary concert to which Gen Sorriso was invited. The concert also saw the participation of different choirs from the said parish.

Arriving the day before on Saturday, February 04, 2023, for the concert, Gen Sorriso was also able to participate in the apostolate with, in particular, the JPMU secretariat, the focolarini and other members of the community. It was really a moment of immense joy.

Sunday, the day of the concert, was characterized by a good-natured atmosphere. The parish community of Cibitoke was present at the concert, the members of the movement from several localities in the province of Cibitoke all branches were represented, and also the inhabitants of the surroundings of the parish. The concert kept all its promises the crowd as well as the animation groups were at the rendezvous. At the end of this concert which lasted 3 hours, the joy of life could be read on the faces of all those who had responded to this event.” Ceaser, Gen from Burundi