Saturday 22nd January was quite an eventful day for the Gen girls of Johannesburg! Firstly, we were all happy and excited to see one another in person for the first time in the year. Considering that some we had only met on online meetings for the whole of last year.

There’s something special about being able to see and conversate in person. We were 14 in total.

We started off in the morning with a session for sharing, meditation and joyous singing. The meditation we shared got many of us to share about our own personal experiences concerning listening to the voice of God and waiting on His will to be done in our lives. It was comforting to know that each was not experiencing their troubles in isolation. Everyone in the room understood then the beauty of sharing God’s love among us, even in our suffering. We adjourned that meeting with soothed hearts.

After lunch we then proceeded to have mass with the Nunzio His Grace Archbishop P. Wells and an interesting question and answer hour with him as well. The Gen girls had some questions regarding our faith (how to understand our vocation, how to relate our Christian faith to traditional  beliefs and practices,  how to understand the vast spread of Transgender and Homosexuality according to our faith and many other questions). His grace did his best in answering them to our satisfaction while enlightening us with more knowledge. We appreciate this very much as some of these discussions are usually swept under the carpet and we hardly get to talk about. It was a profound moment of unity among us and with His Grace and we felt the joy of being one family even if not all belong to the same Church.

We were served with supper and after continued with our happy singing and dancing before heading home.

It was indeed a beautiful day.

Clara Mathapole

The following are some of the beautiful moments we managed to capture