Ciao!! Habari ?

We are so happy to share with you about the Gen 2 congress of Tanzania! It was a very nice moment to meet the Gen 2 in our zonetta.

We held the congress during the Holy week, 14-18 April 2022. We were about 40, unfortunately, some of the Gen could not make it because of school and work, but we were sure of their unity!

This time the meditations were done differently; our Gen assistants led us through the different very profound meditations. We would like to share our impressions on these.

One meditation was about unity. It was very nice to be reminded of the foundation of our Charism, the prayer of Jesus for unity – “That they may all be one (Jn. 17, 21). For this, we need special grace from God, through loving each other and by loving, the whole universe will witness our pure love and “… the world will believe that you sent me.” (Jn. 17, 21).

The other was about Chiara’s understanding of paradise and hell. She emphasized that the

aim of our life is to reach Heaven through loving one another. We can do this if we will live our Christian life well.

Then a meditation about Mary:

Chiara Lubich reminds us that God is love because He created us out of love. We have been created so as to be a gift for one another just like Mary did when she gave us the gift of Jesus Christ. So we are invited to be a gift for one another and here we understood that our Gen movement was born to give revolutionary love to the world.

The final meditation on Holy Friday was about the mystery of Jesus feeling forsaken on the cross: “our secret”.

It was explained that in the act of kissing the cross, we say our “Yes” to Jesus as we choose to see Him in our personal sufferings, of those around us, in divisions and traumas in society and as such to love all this in order to recompose unity: The mystery of love and suffering, the choice of Jesus Forsaken. We then deepened the writing of Chiara: “I have only one Spouse on earth: Jesus Forsaken.” (

Another beautiful moment was a workshop about purity. A married focolarino guided us through a very nice and open discussion.

On Easter, we had a feast, with Gen 3 boys and also a football match. On Easter Monday, we went to the mountains to relax together just before we all had to return home.

Asante sana, karibu Tanzania