The new Rainbow unit of the Gen2 boys Rwanda with their country assistant, and the zone assistant

The new Rainbow unit of the Gen2 boys Rwanda with their country assistant, and the zone assistant

From 28th to 29th November 2021: was a charming and exciting weekend for the Gen2 boys from Rwanda; where they had a congress resembling a recollection with their Gen assistant of the zone. This was a very nice moment that the Gen had great moments of sharing their experiences and reviewing their life as Gen, other than that they also presented the new Rainbow unit of the Gen2 unity.

The congress started Saturday morning where the gen assistant of the zone met all the gen2 boys in general. The program started with the meditation that was presented by the gen assistant.

Meditation slide.

After the meditation there was a presentation and a discussion between the Gen and the assistant about their life dreams; as the youth in general, as the gen particularly, and for the country. There were many different strong and best ideas shared that were so constructive and interesting; hope God help them realize those dreams. After the sharing of different perspectives and dream goals, the gen had a lunch break where they had a moment of sharing not only ideas but also some snacks that they were able to have at the moment, and also socializing after being a while without having these meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Gen 2 boys from Rwanda

After the break, the gen came again on the discussion about what is it to be a gen? how to live as a gen? and they also discussed what are regulations of a gen? from there they were offered gifts containing those Gen regulations, which was the conclusion of the day.

On the second day, the gen assistant met the new Rainbow unit and their assistant. The day started with a meditation about Jesus in the midst, strategies to have Jesus in the midst, and conditions to have Jesus in the midst. From the meditation, the gen shared different experiences about how they are living in their community with respect to Gen life. After all the Gen assistant presented about the Rainbow unity and its responsibilities, specifically the Gen white. After the presentation, there was an introduction of the new rainbow unit and the message of appreciations to the retiring team for the good work done by them. The Congress was concluded by the new Gen white speech that was thanking the recent unity and promising to build a strong bond and fulfil much of their responsibilities.

Impressions from the Gen

After a long time, I was very happy to meet Stephane and the Gen. I enjoyed the “let’s dream session” as we envisioned how we want to see ourselves and the community in the future.

Olivier Muvara

Today I really enjoyed the session in general particularly the meditation on “Jesus in the midst” it really made me evaluate if I really have Jesus within me? And also, if yes how to identify if I am really with him and strategies and conditions to be with him and also after seeing that I can also share him to others through love for everyone, which was really helpful, and I also enjoyed the detachment on everything for Jesus and himself will give more than you expected. Other than that, I also enjoyed being with the gen it had been quite some time but I really enjoyed meeting them again and we wish to have the sessions as many times as possible ?? Thank you Stephane for everything

Jacques Hirwa

Today’s session was amazing because I renewed myself as a gen and another thing yesterday during my work I met with a workmate and he was making me stressed and whatever I was trying to I wasn’t during correctly as he was saying bad words to which made me lose control. But having such meditation which tells us about unite. While I reached work, he started the same things as yesterday then I told him. Sir you are making me lose control can you show me a good personality. After telling him I felt releasing the luggage which was in my heart and mind about him. What inspired me most to talk to him is in meditation where they told us we have to give our point of view on something.

Another thing which helped a lot it’s the way we should detach to something in order to put Jesus in the midst for example putting our phones aside while we are having a meditation like 1hour which made us concentrate together

Another thing I learnt today is that violence never be justified so anytime you are hating another person or you make violence to your fellow person  nothing can justify your action

Thank you!!

Ngabo Leonard