On the 3rd of December 2022, the Gen of Kenya decided to hold a final fundraiser event to help them raise more funds for the congress in Tanzania.

“We had decided to hold one last event to help raise the funds. We had started planning for a Nyamachoma event in November, but unfortunately, we were not able to move forward with the idea due to logistics reasons?. Some of the gen were already discouraged by the first failed attempt, but we decided to give ourselves hope and re-plan the event and push it to a later date.

We rebranded the event and made it a Cultural Day/Nyamachom/Fundraising event. This time around, we were able to plan ourselves earlier, allocate tasks amongst the gen, and even began announcing the event weeks before the scheduled date! During the day of the event, our friends, family, and members of the Focolare movement were able to grace us with their presence and the event was very successful? We were able to raise around Ksh 86,000 which was really great? We thank God for the great success and we are looking forward to bring almost all of our gen to the Congress, Uno!” Nikita, Gen White Kenya