“Focolare” means “hearth” or “where the family gathers” in the dialect of Trent. It is the name that people in Trent gave to the first community started by Chiara Lubich and her companions. From the very beginning, this lifestyle recalled the warmth of a family. Its new and revolutionary message, inspired by the Gospel, has also been compared to a fire that inflames hearts and enlightens minds.

Chiara is the founder of the Focolare Movement. She was always its elected President until her death in 2008. She is considered to be one of the great charismatic figures of our times, recognized and esteemed by leaders of many Christian Churches, as well as of other religions, and by prominent politicians and leaders in many different countries. She received a variety of awards such as the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education, fifteen honorary doctorates (theology, ecumenism, psychology, arts, philosophy, economics…) and honorary citizenships from various cities throughout the world.

Only three things are needed:

  • to share the dream and the commitment of contributing towards making humanity one family united in love;
  • to live this dream in one’s daily relationships. Christians get their inspiration to achieve this goal through the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel and in the Sacred Scripture. Followers of other religions are inspired by their respective Sacred Books, while those with no particular religious belief are inspired by ethical principles based on love and respect;
  • to share this lifestyle with others and contribute together with them towards the realization of a united and peaceful world.

The Focolare Movement feels called to contribute to accomplishing the unity of the human family through a wide variety of activities, which depend on the needs of various countries and locations. These activities have an impact on every area of society and all fields of study.

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