Clenia Urangweneza from Rwanda

Hi everyone! Recently, in this COVID period, we (YOUTH) started helping people affected by the Corona Virus in my sector. We started by mapping out the families that needed help and after that stage, I felt tired and thought of the many families that would need help. Another thing that triggered me to relinquish was one of the people that needed help. He did not seem to care about what we were trying to do for him and the families around him. As we baked bricks for his house, and coming back days later, they were broken from bad maintenance.  I was furious. After a prayer session, a thought came to my mind that I was the one to use my key to unlock the door of helping and that I did not have to care if the other uses his or not. Thereafter, I went with the others to build for him and I came back happier than before.