As the gen 2 in Kenya, we had friends and family who wanted to know more about the movement for a while now. We then decided amongst ourselves, with the help of Ivan and Bea our gen assistants, to start planning for a weekend whereby we would invite other youths to gain insight into the Focolare movement.

We took the opportunity to announce our meeting during the Centenary of Chiara event to reach out to more youths?

We also sent out physical invitations through different gens from different communities to the parishes and other places.

After much preparation, the dates arrived, and by the first night, there were already more than 30 new young people that had joined us in the youth centre

It was a beautiful experience and a great turn up, and we officially started our program on Saturday.

It was honestly a wonderful experience, and we look forward to continuing our interaction with those youths that came and even continue spreading the Ideal to more????. In total, the number of people present were 75 (The gen, the new youths, those in preschool, those in Mariapolis Piero for the gen experience and our assistants)

We managed to receive providence and contributions from different people, also amongst ourselves we contributed together with the youths who came and could manage in giving contributions of whatever kind, either money or food or just their presence.

Before leaving, we asked the young people to write their experiences of how the weekend was and these are some of the experiences:

“For me, it was a very good weekend experience having to have a united brotherhood family regardless of race, culture, background and most important from different denominations (I thought it was catholic only) In a nutshell, I have learnt that being the change I wish to see the world is the best mantra one can have in a lifetime”

Boniface Mugo

“I thank God, I thank Mariapolis Piero for organizing such a beautiful event and giving us an opportunity to attend. I appreciate all the love I have been shown and all the love I will be carrying from here to my destination. I am happy I have learnt that love has no boundaries, the gospel of love, divine love and love of mother earth. Thank you for you have given me the inspiration to share the love.”

Belinda Awino

“My weekend at Mariapolis Piero was amazing. Great spiritual and life teachings have empowered me. The joyful interactions and the love as a family. I would really love to be a gen and go for the formation and learn about Focolare”

Lawrence Mwalimu

“Actually I lack words to explain my experience in Mariapolis Piero, but it has been a life-changing experience for me. The talks, the games, it’s like they were all meant for me”

Bosco Kyengo

“I loved our stay for the weekend especially the fact that the old members were so welcoming and inclusive in all activities that we took. I also liked the way we were expressive of what we think and feel. It was a beautiful experience of learning as well as having fun and building a family”

Ann Carddy

“It was fun. I really enjoyed it a lot. I can finally be able to handle my situations with trust, love etc. Out of all the camps I have gone to, this has been my favourite. Thank you Gen 2”

Mark Braeson

“I am impressed by the warm welcome which I was given by the bigger gens. The lessons really impressed me starting from Stella’s lesson which I grasped that all is vanity but God remains even after all others were destroyed by bombs. Robin’s lesson taught me to think positive and leave the usage of drugs. The games were totally good as I learnt to trust people who have chosen to care for my life and also I enjoyed and felt the great family love. I am impressed!!!”

Patricia Njogu

The following are some of the moments that were captured to summarize the days we spent together????