“Two months ago, a young couple who were looking to get married and joined in holy matrimony at the chapel in Mariapolis Piero, approached the residing Father, Father Deo, and asked him if they could hold their wedding in the Mariapolis Piero ground and get all the services done by the Mariapolis Piero team. Father Deo recommended the couple to us the gen since he knew we were doing activities to fundraise for the congress, and we began the preparations for their wedding! We held meetings with the gen to organize everything and assign duties.  On the 2nd of September 2022, a total of 25 gen arrived at Mariapolis Piero, and together we began decorating the chapel, setting up tents and decorating them, preparing food to be cooked and served at the wedding, baking the wedding cake, etc.

It was honestly very beautiful to see the commitment that each one of us had towards making the wedding a success. On the d-day, 3rd of September 2022, we managed to have everything in order and hold the wedding. The event was very beautiful and all the 40+ guests expressed their gratefulness and joy to us for making it a success. With the event, we managed to raise a huge amount of money toward our goal for the congress funds. We were really grateful for the opportunity!” Nikita, Gen White Kenya